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Deltapath fRSIP

Deltapath’s frSIP® Unified Communications Platform is an open standard system, transmits video and voice, integrates with your business applications, can be run on a shared network, supports multiple vendors, and is extremely easy and economical to maintain. Features and Benefits Increased productivity Integrate with your core business applications such as CRM and ERP systems to place phone calls to your customers with a click of a button. Get frSIP® to notify your applications for screen pop ups or panels to display vital information before you pick up the call. Messaging E-mail and voicemail are both common tools of communication. Now we even bring you video messaging to your email, unifying all three tools under one platform. In addition, users on the road without e-mail access can be configured to receive voicemail / videomail SMS notification. Presence Learn about someone’s status before you call them! Why waste your time ringing someone who is already engaged on the line?
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Features Highlight
 High Performance Multi-Threaded Core Signaling
 PBX Alarm Event Logging
 Multi-task Handling Engine
 Intelligent Call Routing Engine
 Nano Second Call Detail Records granularity
 Built-in Session Border Controller for phones
behind NAT
 Dual Cluster Mode: Local Cluster with IP Take
Over and Geographically Separated Cluster
 Browser-based interface for configuration and
management with CSV and real-time batch
export, modify, and import tool and multi-level
 Call Permission Control per user
 Foreign peer monitoring with automatic trunk failover
 Handles multiple Direct-Inward-Dial number
 Configurable outbound caller ID (auto resolve,
hidden, custom, default, relay original on forward)
on a per user basis
 Multiple extensions sharing one single phone
 Multiple phones sharing one extension
 Directory service – dial by name
 User customizable RSS web feeds on
 Corporate, group, and personal directories on
web, desktop, and IP phone.
Interactive Voice Response System
 Customizable auto attendant greetings.
 Unlimited level and number of Auto Attendants
 Record IVR voice prompts on phone or
 Playback of voice prompts on phone or
 Customizable IVR menus in browser interface
 Support for error prompts: invalid option, no
input, and multiple invalid options, and
 Configurable default behavior if no input
 Automatically transfer a caller to an IVR after the
callee hangs up.
 Customizable LCD Display to show the purpose
of call base on what voice menu the caller
Unified Messaging
 Support for video and voice message and
greeting recording.
 Support for recording in high definition voice
(G722, Siren™ 7 and Siren™ 14) voice message
and greeting
 Voicemail and Videomail to E-mail in
 E-mail server independent
 Press 0 to operator during greeting
 Support for multiple time zones
 Mailbox setup wizard for new users upon first login
 E-mail integration:
 Automatically mark a voicemail message as
read when a user views the voicemail e-mail
 User can remove his/her copy of a voicemail
from the PBX by clicking a DELETE button in
the email message.
 Automatically delete unread or read voicemail after
a specified age.
 Support for HD voicemail recording and prompts
 Folders for message organization
 Configurable caller ID and envelope information
 announcement
 Customizable personal greetings
 Remote voicemail access
 Send fax from Switchboard (PDF, PNG, TIFF)
 Fax to E-mail
 Personal DID fax numbers
 Automatically convert incoming faxes to PDF
and dispatch by e-mail
 Record and notify failed fax attempts
 Fax log data stored in database for retrieval
 Fax on demand
Meet-me Audio Conference Bridge
 Supports wideband and narrowband codec mixing
 Maximum Concurrent Participants: T256: 256
 Participants; T512: 512 Participants
 Audio alert and name announcement when entering
and leaving a conference
 Individual volume and mute control for each
 Administrative control for the conference host
 Dedicated private conference access mode
 Public conference bridge access mode
 Configurable user limits for each conference
 Outbound calling to conference attendees
 Record conference calls
 Bridge status overview
 Conference host control via Switchboard.
 Room access by time validity.
DISA Remote Dial-in
 Allow users to dial back into the system from their
mobile and make calls as if they are at the office.
 Caller ID and Password Authentication
 Automatically retrieve permission profile upon login
 Integrated with billing module for automatic billing
 Missed call call-back
 Continue to perform call recordings even on your
SMS Facility
 Send SMS to any GSM numbers from Switchboard
 Provide voicemail and videomail notification via SMS
 Receptionist can send messages to users via SMS
Multiple language support
 Web interface
 IVR prompts
 E-mail Templates
Manager / Assistant Functionality
 Shared Line Appearance
 Shared line hold and pickup from multiple
shared devices
 Multiple managers per assistant
 Multiple assistants per manager
 Push-to-talk intercom
 Secretary Barge-In
 Secretary Barge-and-Conference
User Roaming/Hot Desking
 Local and inter-branch roaming
 Simple sign-in and sign-out via IVR.
 Automatically charge your calls to your
 Remote and automatic log out facilities.
 Automatic download of phone book and
user settings upon sign-in.
Network and Administration
 Web based interface
 IPV4
 IPV6 Ready
 Static routes
 Virtual IP (WAN Port Forwarded)
 Default route
 Stackable to form local cluster with IP
 Console DB9 interface
 System level management
 User management
 SNMP monitoring
 XML Based API for call control & phone
book retrieval
Microsoft Integration
 Synchronize and Publish Microsoft Active
Directories records to frSIP® Switchboard
and IP phones.
 Click to dial from Microsoft Outlook, Word,
Excel, and Powerpoint.
 Make and receive calls to/from Microsoft
OCS and Microsoft Lync via SIP.

With your employees roaming from office to office and frequently on the road, you
need a platform that allows them to stay connected virtually everywhere.
 Roam to any hot desk phone with your extension login at any branches;
continue to receive and make calls as if you are at your home country.
 Pair your mobile with your desk phone and stay in touch with customer.
 Make VoIP calls on your GSM mobile while you have no Internet.
Availability and Survivability
The frSIP® UC Platform comes with a decade of IP Telephony design and
development experience. You can easily stack 2 units of frSIP® UC Switches to
form a cluster; allowing the secondary to take over the primary if it fails for
whatever reason including power outage.
Deltapath’s proactive remote monitoring and maintenance service combining with
the built-in self-diagnostics and self-healing tools gives you 99.999% availability.
Together with a proven track record of Global 1000 companies deploying our
platform across 25 countries and 65 major cities, you can be confident to let us
power your organization’s communication infrastructure.


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